Rebecca Reckers for Erlanger City Council

I am on City Council because I want to create a climate of accountability for our citizens and taxpayers.


I'm passionate about:


Business Development

I want to make Erlanger more business friendly. I want to help cultivate a strong environment that is appealing to business owners and citizens alike. Erlanger should be a community to which businesses and citizens want to move.


Transparency and Accountability

As a finance professional, I understand the importance of transparency and accountability. I'm an advocate of consumer protection. I promise that I will be open and honest with the citizens of Erlanger.  


Safeguarding Taxpayer Dollars

I want to ensure that Erlanger grows to become a local hub of attractive living and commerce. I promise to exercise good stewardship of taxpayer dollars to keep Erlanger appealing.


Combating the Opioid Epidemic

Opioid abuse has become a serious issue for almost every community in the country. I want to work with the leaders of Erlanger, Kenton County, and the surrounding communities to cooperate and coordinate in fighting this epidemic.


Public Safety

Public safety is paramount to keeping Erlanger an attractive place to live and work. I promise to be a strong supporter of our Police and Fire departments.

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Most importantly...

I ran because I'm passionate about my family, friends, and neighbors. I want to be part of the team that guides Erlanger to a prosperous future.


About Me

Rebecca Reckers

My name is Rebecca Reckers and I am a proud resident of Erlanger. My husband, Ted Reckers, is a lifelong Erlanger resident and Lloyd graduate. We recently had a baby boy, Hawthorne.

I have my Master of Business Administration from NKU and have worked as a solutions-focused professional in the financial services industry for over 11 years. My core work experience has been in risk management, audit, and regulatory compliance. I have extensive experience with consumer protection and consider myself to be a consumer advocate. 

I was recently appointed to the City of Erlanger Local Appeals Board.

Outside of work, I demonstrate a passion for people by supporting non-profit organizations in the community that help to end homelessness and to break the cycle of poverty.

My goal as your Councilwoman will be to help make Erlanger a better place to live, work, and raise your family.